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Add the make up our selfs.

We could get a make up selection to chose from so we can add our own make up to the pictures

Kim , 18.03.2012, 02:04
Idea status: under consideration


Sarah warburton , 05.06.2013, 20:07
I think you should be able to put on your own makeup addition to the edited photo. Some people might think that the edited photo might not be enough so there should be a way to put on your own makeup.
Kristin, 20.09.2015, 20:41
I know with the old app perfect 365. I loves the option of choosing eyelash styles and eyeliner styles. That is not available anymore. I also liked tweaking the picture myself than it automatically doing it for yiy
Cheryl, 18.04.2016, 12:35
I've actually deleted this app as I can't do the make up myself and where the app does at most times,it's just
way too much, not aligned i.e., eyeliner! eyeshadow ends up all over the place, lipstick on the teeth etc HEAPS of other Apps that are much more'user friendly' and more natural looking!
Artie , 07.03.2017, 13:26
I think it would be better if you could apply the exact things you wanted instead of having your photos done by the app I would like it if you would let everyone do that.

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